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RMN Requests / Demande / Aanvraag

Follow the next steps to return products.

  1. Complete the digital form completely.
  2. SALTO will send you a RMN code (H1xxxxx) after the request has been approved.
  3. Send the products labeled with the RMN code (H1xxxxx) to:

    SALTO Systems BV
    Schipluidenlaan 4
    1062 HE Amsterdam
    T. +31 (0) 206 353 100

By discovering the production date, you can easily check whether the products fall within the 5-year warranty.

This action can be performed with any PPD.

Standard warranty up to 3 years
SALTO will investigate the product and inform the partner whether it is a free (FOC) exchange under guarantee, or a replacement with costs.

Limited warranty up to 5 years
SALTO will deliver a new product, whereby the customer will receive a fixed discount percentage on the current MSRP (gross price). This only applies when it concerns non-visible defects.

Full information about the RMN procedure can be found in the partner agreement on the partner field.

If this form does not work properly you can refresh the browser using CTRL+F5 on PC or CMD+R on Mac.

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